Got Hired Because of Playing Worms

I was inexperienced, I have no idea what I was doing. What I know is I played Worms before and I loved it!

It was 3 months after my graduation and I did what I could to look for a job. You know the drill: print a resume (with huge fonts to fill up that empty space where the work history should be); look and smell good (yeah seriously) and; make sure you know how to go to the interview destination.


So there I was, talking to the person in charge at the information desk. She asked me what position am I applying for, I paused, I really have no idea. How about CEO? Any vacancy? I just kept it to myself of course. She scanned my resume and I think that answered her question. I got to the lobby and it was damn cold. I was handed these forms to fill up with information that already is on my resume.

My name was called for the initial interview. The discussion with the first interviewer was all about describing myself and as I provide details about myself additional questions were thrown at me. The butterflies in my stomach hyped me up, blood rushed thru my veins that time the temperature isn’t a pain for me anymore. I survived the first screening after making me describe a color to a blind person since birth.

The final interview was with an operations manager for a technical support account. The nerve was still there but I fought it. The questions started quite similar to the prior. Then he asked me if I play games. All I have played before was Worms, it’s a strategy game with bombs and detonators used by the worms to kill enemy worms. I was very enthusiastic in telling him how I loved the game and that I got addicted to it. I saw the manager’s face lit up, I think I mentioned something right. The manager then relayed that the campaign is for a gaming console and that he was looking for gamers, not necessarily hardcore, who can best relate to their customers. Guess what? I got hired because I enjoyed playing Worms. I was what they were looking for!