Pizza for Dessert Anyone?

Who doesn’t love pizza? From the basic cheese and tomato sauce to the gourmet type pizzas with toppings like chicken, oysters, crayfish, dandelions, sprouts, eggplant, cajun shrimp, artichoke hearts, and tuna, who won’t love pizza?

If the US has October as their “National Pizza Month,” S&R Membership Shopping sweetens the entire March 2017 in the Philippines with their Nutella Ferrero Strawberry Dessert Pizza. The New York style confection is smothered with hazelnut cocoa spread, topped with sliced strawberries, and served fresh.


I have seen comments from their Facebook page and I can’t help but show one very heartfelt remark by a fellow who may have a heartache to the “No Pineapple on Pizzas” mob. He might be right. Pineapples can be on pizzas like strawberries do.


This may become a hit. I myself have been loving S&R Pizzas, in fact, I have signed up for as a gold member before in S&R Bonifacio Global city just to get in the place and order pizzas whenever I want to (that was before I knew that they also have pizzerias in Metro Manila). I also have enjoyed shopping there but their pizza was the primary reason why I became a shopping club member.

So there, when will you try this appetizing treat? I surely will be at my favorite S&R spot soon to have a slice of Nutella pizza yumminess!